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Mr. Finn has been retained in over 75 litigation engagements as a banking expert. He has qualified as an expert in many state and Federal jurisdictions, on a myriad of banking topics. Please contact our office for a copy of his current CV.

Litigation Bank Defense —

We believe that banks should collect the loans they make, when they act commercially reasonable. We believe that banks should be entitled to recovery and should not be subject to false claims from the customers they assist day in and day out. When banks operate in a commercially reasonable manner, they should be afforded protection from assertions of improper conduct.

Litigation Plaintiff Assistance —

Our approach to accepting Lender Liability cases against financial institutions is that the client must demonstrate to us, in a clear fashion, that the bank stepped outside the bounds of commercial reasonableness. We believe that banks have a duty to be commercially reasonable, and if they clearly fail to meet that standard, they should be held accountable. We also believe that banks can make mistakes, and that when they do, they need to own up to those mistakes, make the customer whole, and move on.