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Consulting Services


Strategic Planning —

A de novo community was performing satisfactory after three years of operation. We embarked upon a twelve year consulting relationship, focused on achieving high performance. Management had a significant ownership position, and was receptive to our recommendations about improving earnings and share value. The Bank produced a ten (10) year average Return on Assets of 1.97%. A major reason for those results was our approach to margin management and strategic planning.

Problem Bank Assistance —

A community bank Board was mislead by its CEO about lending and asset quality matters. Audits and OCC examinations failed to detect serious financial consequences. When matters finally surfaced, the Bank was insolvent and faced tremendous adverse duress from its regulator. Our firm assisted the Board in developing a Capital Restoration Plan and recruiting new management to execute the Plan. We garnered a group of experts, including special counsel, forensic accountants, and other experts to assist with fidelity bond recovery, defense of civil money penalties against the Directors that saved the Bank, and rehabilitation of the Bank generally.

After Directors recapitalized the Bank with $10 Million, the OCC attacked again, claiming the Bank was on the verge of failure. Armed with an FMC Loan Review, our firm convinced the FDIC and Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions to grant a state charter. After three years of major turmoil and unwarranted adversity from the OCC1, the Bank survived, and was listed in the ABA Banking Journal as one of the top ten community banks in the country. The Bank eventually was acquired by a competitor at a price of $22 Million that confirmed the value of our efforts, and the accuracy of our loan review.

De Novo Assistance —

Over the past 30 years, we have been involved with over 20 start-up banks, providing feasibility/marketing studies, preparing Business Plans and Regulatory Applications, and doing whatever it takes to help Organizers become successful bankers. Our experience with new charters expedites the regulatory and business process of getting a bank open.

Corporate Renovation —

A thrift operating as a mutual holding company, was struggling with corporate purpose, and with lending philosophies that produced asset quality issues. Over a gradual, four year transition, we lead the Board through a maze of alternatives, ending as a publicly owned company that has substantially enhanced shareholder value. The Company has built a management team that is aggressively pursuing numerous opportunities, and has a vision for further enhancing shareholder value on a sustained and beneficial basis.